Nuovo canto della Sibilla


Nuovo canto de la Sibilla

The mythological Sibylla is a prophetess who can seel the future. That is why she feels imprisoned in time: Tempus Fugit. After a divine effort, he will escape, break free and break the heavy chains that bind her. A new song will dawn and here will start your magical journey through the heavens.

In Alghero it is traditional to celebrate the New Years Eve one day before: December 31st. Taking advantage of the occasion La Fura dels Baus proposes a collective experiment of socialization: Nuevo Canto della Sibylla. This interactive show, directed by Pep Gatell and Miki Espuma, will use the Kalliópê app and will become an important element during the show.



Sibilla is a prophetess of time capable of seeing the future. Was consulted by all kinds of people, including warriors and monarchs