La Creàtion by Haydn

La Creàtion by Haydn

Created under the direction of Haydn, La Création includes the proclamation of humanity to the image of God, a typical conception of the Enlightenment and opposed to that of the Bach Cantatas of the years 1710-1730, which defend the insignificance of man before God. Being one of the most important works in the history of music.

Carlus Padrissa, one of the artistic directors of La Fura dels Baus, proposes a balancing reconciliation between Haydn and the DNA, thus creating a link between the infinitely large (the macrocosm and the creation of the world) and the infinitely small (the microcosm and the human body).

As for Kalliópê, we installed the app in 36 tablets, that were taken by the choir, helping both the scenographic development through the composition of images and structures, and serving as a score for the choir.

The play has been touring in Taiwan, United States or Germany.

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