Complex Systems


Complex Systems was a new workshop hosted at Epica Foundation where science, technology and humanities collaborated hand by hand in order to develop a collective performance. Based on the knowledge provided by the invited experts, participants combined their talents and skills in order to explore the limits of knowledge and discover new forms of creation.

The research teams invited in this workshop were:  Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute – which proposed to assess the perception of minor neuromuscular diseases and, on the other, to simulate the cellular movement of cancer; the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute –which analyzed the benefits in the memory system derived from emotional impacts-; UAB’s Philosophy Department – which studied team dynamics and how knowledge is transferred in groups of people – and the Gaming specialists of the University of The Arts Utrecht, who observed how the strategies and roles of the games are applicable and transferable to other types of interactions. These group of researchers created different challenges that the participants needed to address.

In addition to this challenges, the creative work developed at Épica has been combined with Kalliópê, which has served to adapt some of the contents to implement and explore the interaction with the audience. In this case, some of the experiments have been carried out through Kalliope in order to get more people participating within the tests.


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